SM Sygnus HY5 4T1 5GHz UNII band HOP, 4xT1 + Ethernet IDUs, AC input

Part Number: SMS-584THB-EXT
Manufacturer: Star Microwaves
Category: Microwave

Data Sheet  Installation Manual


Product Description:

SM Sygnus Hybrid TDD 4.9-5.XGHz 1x2x4x-T1s + Ethernet
In/Out-Door Half Duplex Backhaul Hybrid TDM + Ethernet

Product Highlights

  • High quality Voice / Data / Video transmission
  • Cost-effective alternative to traditional T1 devices
  • High reliability of radio link provides excellent BER
  • Various frequency bandwidth options with OFDM technology
  • End to end transmission of multiple user services over packet switched networks
  • Transparent Ethernet forwarding
  • Supports SNMP for remote monitor and management
  • Window based utility provides user friendly interface to configure the IDU/ODU
  • Rapid installation and easy configuration for deploying the link.
  • Enhanced Security and access control
  • Power over Ethernet to ODU
  • IP-68 rated weather-proof housing for ODU