SM Cirius SHC IDU, 4xGE (Electrical) + 3xGE (Optical) , 1U, 1+0/1+1/2+0 XPIC

Part Number: SMC-XXG300SHC-IDU-HS
Manufacturer: Star Microwave
Category: Microwave Radios

Data Sheet  Installation Manual


Product Description:

SM Cirius SHC – Hybrid Microwave Transport Solution

The Cirius SHC (Super High Performance) series is a carrier-grade, wireless Ethernet backhaul product line which includes both TDM (ADM) and Ethernet high capacity devices.

All products in the Cirius SHC series are tightly coupled with Star Microwave’s advanced microwave radios and are managed by comprehensive management system providing a complete solution for mobile backhaul, private networks, and wireline network last-mile extensions.

The Cirius SHC series product line integrates superior networking functionality with the industry’s most advanced microwave technology creating a superior transport solution.

Product Features:

  • Compliant system for 6-42 GHz
  • All ETSI and FCC channels for 7-56 MHz
  • Latest technology utilizing up to 2048 QAM modulation, delivering up to 1Gbps Ethernet 
  • 16 x E1/T1 channels in a single unit making it ideal for Hybrid networks
  • Ultra high double capacity over same bandwidth using CCDP technology
  • Integrated synchronization solution (Sync ETH, IEEE 1588v2, Native)
  • ACM (Adaptive Coding and Modulation) and ATPC (Automatic Transmit Power Control) for high
  • availability and high density deployment
  • Up to 4K active VLAN entries
  • Advanced Multilayer compression
  • Jumbo frame size (9600 bytes)
  • Advanced Ethernet allows building secure and self healing networks


  • Ideal for carrier-class backhaul applications
  • Tele-Medicine applications