SM Cirius AO


SM Cirius All Outdoor 1+0/2+0/1+1

Part Number: SMC-XG300AO
Manufacturer: Star Microwave

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Product Description

SM Cirius AO
All-outdoor point-to-point microwave IP radio with POE
6/7/8/11/15/18/23 GHz

Microwave Transmission Solution
The Cirius AO is an advanced, microwave system intended for powerful and cost efficient point-to-point transmission.

Physical Interfaces
1. GbE optical (SFP) for traffic and in-band management connection.
2. GbE electrical (RJ-45) for traffic, in-band management and PoE connection.
3. Fast Ethernet (RJ-45) for out-band management and PoE connection.
4. RJ-45 receptacle for Cirius AO units interconnection (1+1 / 2+0).
5. BNC receptacle for measurement of RSSI level.

Product Features

Flexible Operational Modes
Adaptive Coding & Modulation (ACM)
Throughput of up to 800 Mbit/s 1+0, 1+1, 2+0
Secure File TransferProtocol (S-FTP)
Radio Resource Control (RRC)
Statistical Multiplexing (SM)
Radio Link Aggregation (RLA)
Ring Configuration
Simple Network Management Protocol
Advanced Ethernet QoS features – QoS per VLAN / CoS – DSCP

Enterprise and Rural Backhaul
Microcellular backhaul
Wholesale Model (e.g. Fibertower, LightSquared)