Nera Networks’ new Evolution Series represents a breakthrough in microwave radio technology. One hardware platform provides numerous benefits to customers including effortless scalability (capacity increase as well as migration to IP), reduced investments and operational costs.


Evolution Series

The Evolution Series is a point-to-point microwave radio system in licensed frequency bands from 5 GHz to 38 GHz. Transmission capacity scales from 6 Mb/s to 1500 Mb/s based on a common software defined platform.

Current Products

  • Evolution IP

    Evolution IP is an Ethernet/IP access network solution ideally suited for backhaul of WiMAX and other last mile technologies, and for building professional enterprise networks. The beauty of the Evolution Series IP system is its scalability, with a clearly defined upgrade path to GigE with 600 Mb/s links.

    • 1xFE standard, 4xFE and 1xGbE option
    • Scalable 100, 150, 300 & 600 Mb/s link capacity
    • LCAS support for 300 and 600 Mb/s links
    • Unprotected or Protected radio (low cost un-licensed systems does not offer protected radio)
    • Ethernet QoS support – securing revenue generation services
    • Transparent 100Mb/s, future proof upgrade path to 300Mb/s and 600 Mb/s by adding modules
    • Frequency reuse CCDP with XPIC (X-Polar Interference Canceller)


  • Evolution XPAND

    Delivers advanced high-density PDH/Ethernet access networks. The XPAND version of the Evolution Series offers flexibility and scalability with simple upgrades. Capacity upgrade and transition to IP can be handled without the need for replacing equipment. Simply upgrading the software license can increase network capacity.


    • Scalable 4E1, 8E1, 16E1, 20E1, 40E1, 50E1 and 75E1 capacity
    • 7, 14 and 28 MHz BW
    • Scalable TDM/Ethernet mix (1.5 MB/s granularity)
    • Ring protection for E1 circuits
    • Traffic Node up to 8 antenna direction 1+0



    • 4T1, 8T1, 16T1, 32T1, 64T1, 80T1, 96T1 capacity
    • 5, 10, 20/25, 30 MHz BW
    • Scalable TDM/Ethernet mix (1.5 MB/s granularity)
    • Ring protection for T1 circuits
    • Traffic Node up to 8 antenna direction 1+0


  • Evolution Metro

    The Evolution Series METRO Multi-Service provisioning SDH/SONET platform, effectively transport any service in your access network. The Evolution Series microwave radio system is based on a split-mounted configuration – the indoor interface unit (IFU) and the outdoor radio unit (ODU).

    • 155 Mb/s, 311 Mb/s & 622 Mb/s terminals
    • N+1 155Mb/s terminal.
    • Options for embedded ADM mux & X-connect
    • TDM traffic: 63E1, E3/T3, 64xT1
    • Advanced Ethernet with QoS nxVC12(VC11), nxVC-3 or nxVC-4 mapping
    • VLAN switching
    • Traffic Node with 4 radio directions
    • “SNCP” with Ring, Chain, Star or Mesh topology
    • Frequency reuse CCDP with XPIC (X-Polar Interference Canceller)

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