Alcatel MDR 8000

Alcatel provides a complete family of PDH and SONET fixed point-to-point microwave radio systems covering a wide range of transmission rates, frequency bands and configurations. These systems are intended for public and private networks and enable fast and low-cost wireless network deployment.

MDR-8X02 1.85-1.99 GHz PCS Band
MDR-8X02 WCS 2.305-2.360 GHz WCS Band
MDR-8X02 2.4 GHz Licensed/Unlicensed Band
MDR-8X05u 5.8 GHz Unlicensed Band
MDR-8X06 5.8-7.125 GHz Licensed Band
MDR-8X11 10.45-11.7 GHz Licensed Band

Harris Constellation

All-outdoor, carrier-class, Gigabit Ethernet high-power radio system with up to 500 Mbps (max 250 Mbps @40MHz channel) full duplex user throughput and one 10/100/1000BaseT PoE port. Features include software upgradeable capacity, advanced data networking, low latency, field replaceable diplexers, optional FIPS-197 AES encryption and +28dBm Tx power@256QAM.

6, 7/8, 10 and 11 GHz FCC and NTIA frequency bands
8/16/28xDS1, 1/3/4xDS3 and 2xDS3 + 28xDS1 capacity
High system gain
All-indoor, modular architecture
100% system redundancy

Exalt EX-i

All-Indoor, Carrier-Class, Upgradeable Licensed-Band Trunk Radio Systems for Medium and High Capacity TDM and Ethernet Backhaul Applications

The EX-i Series GigE long-haul microwave radios are carrier-class, fully software configurable systems featuring 3xGbE, 16xT1/E1 and 1xDS3 interfaces in a single unit. The system is designed to natively support combinations of TDM and Ethernet traffic, making it ideal for reliable, efficient transport of both legacy voice and IP-based multimedia traffic for any application, including Long Term Evolution (LTE) of mobile networks.





Exalt 5i Series

As the only tri-band 5 GHz backhaul system on the market, the EX-5i extends and combines the advantages of all available license-exempt 5GHz bands to provide maximum functionality for demanding backhaul applications.

Base Capacity: 100 Mbps aggregate + 4xT1/E1
Max Capacity: 200 Mbps aggregate + 4xT1/E1

EX-5i Lite
Base Capacity: 27 Mbps + 0xT1/E1
Max Capacity: 100 Mbps + 4xT1/E1

Base Capacity: 100 Mbps + 4xT1/E1
Max Capacity: 200 Mbps + 16xT1/E1

Base Capacity: 100 Mbps aggregate + 4xT1/E1 + 0xDS3
Max Capacity: 200 Mbps aggregate + 16xT1/E1 + 1xDS3

Proxim Lynx Series is a digital microwave radio that provides wireless connectivity with capacity up to two T1/E1 lines at distances exceeding 50 miles (80 km)—and is less expensive than leasing lines. 

Lynx SC

Lynx HD